Crystal Palace & Upper Norwood Lib Dems' Summer Survey

Liberal Democrats reading responses to surveys

When it comes to your neighbourhood, Liberal Democrats believe your voice counts. That's why we're asking you what issues your local Lib Dem team should champion. 

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Croydon Lib Dems hail “shockwave” by-election triumph

Gill Hickson and Claire Bonham campaigning for Sarah Green in Chesham and Amersham by-election

Croydon's Liberal Democrats have hailed a shockwave victory in the Parliamentary constituency of Chesham & Amersham as a huge triumph. 

The Party saw a 25 per cent swing in their vote share and have elected their 12th MP, Sarah Green, to Parliament with an overwhelming 8,000 majority.

Croydon's Liberal Democrats have said that the win has proved they are the only party that can challenge Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government. If the party were to replicate the result nationwide they would be on track to gain 154 parliamentary seats at the expense of the Conservatives.

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Lib Dems support Central Hill listing

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem London Assembly Member campaigns to save Central Hill Estate

Claire Bonham, Liberal Democrat campaigner in Upper Norwood & Crystal Palace, has written to Historic England to add her support to the campaign to stop the demolition of the Central Hill estate. 

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Lib Dems celebrate electoral success in Croydon

Claire Bonham

Liberal Democrats are celebrating after increasing their vote in the Croydon & Sutton GLA constituency last week, and gaining an extra Assembly Member at City Hall.

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Our candidates for Croydon's by-elections


Croydon Liberal Democrats today announce their candidates to fight the five by-elections following the resignations of Labour and Conservative councillors across Croydon borough.

Croydon's Liberal Democrats are determined to prove to those voters in Croydon that they do have a choice beyond Labour and the Conservatives - the two parties that have let Croydon residents and businesses down so badly over the last 15 years.

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Croydon’s Labour Council goes bankrupt: but Tories are equally to blame

Graph showing Labour and Conservative parties both to blame for debt problem: Tories added £724 million in debt when last in power (2006 - 2014) while since then Labour have wracked up a further £628 million of debt

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a financial strain on businesses, households and local councils, but Croydon Council’s financial mess wasn’t just a result of Covid. We have been let down by Labour who have ignored overspends and borrowed heavily to fund risky investments and pet projects like Brick by Brick.

Local Tories have been quick to criticise, but they were also part of the problem. Not only are the cuts to local councils a result of Tory national government, but the Tory-run council increased the council’s debt more between 2006 and 2014 than Labour have done since 2014.

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Reinvent our high streets: Back local businesses and protect jobs

Local Lib Dem campaigner Gill Hickson chats with traders in Coulsdon

Liberal Democrats know that strong local neighbourhoods are the key to our economic recovery across London and in Croydon. 

Businesses have been hit hard by the today vowed to put impact of Covid-19. But London is resilient and will bounce back stronger and better than ever with the right ideas. That’s why we want to reinvent the high street.

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Croydon Lib Dems are backing TfL

A tube train

Whilst largely unconditional bailouts have been given to private train companies to get them through COVID, the Government are not giving TfL the same support and Londoners will pay the price.

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Croydon Liberal Democrats welcome Low Traffic Neighbourhood Scheme but call for proper consultation with stakeholders

One of the new road closures in Upper Norwood

Croydon Liberal Democrats support Croydon Council’s efforts to introduce Low Traffic Neighbourhood in Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood, as part of a number of similar initiatives across the borough. Tackling the climate emergency cannot wait and any attempt to tackle emissions, improve air quality and encourage people to walk or cycle are welcome.

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Lib Dems call for greater powers for Croydon Council to tackle carbon emissions

Croydon Liberal Democrats are calling for greater powers for Croydon Council to take action on carbon emissions as figures show progress to cut emissions across the UK has stalled since 2016.

In Croydon, emissions have fallen from 1,118 kt in 2016 to 1,047 kt in 2018 - not fast enough to achieve Net Zero Emissions by 2050. 

Highlighting the need for “action now, not promises”, the Liberal Democrats are calling for more powers for those who are “best-placed to tackle the climate emergency in their areas”: local authorities. 

Claire Bonham, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Croydon North said: 

“The Liberal Democrats are fighting to tackle the climate emergency. We have a plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045, but - as things stand - we’ll struggle to even meet the 2050 deadline. Local authorities are best placed to tackle the climate emergency in their area. We are calling for the Government to give local authorities more powers to take action on carbon emissions. This means powers to tackle congestion, invest in public transport, insulate our homes, and create new green jobs."

Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Climate Emergency and Environment said:

"Unlike the Liberal Democrats, this Tory Government does not have a plan to reach net zero. These statistics prove - yet again - that we’re not making anywhere near fast enough progress to tackle the climate emergency. We need climate action now, not promises to act tomorrow. Climate action delay is no better than climate change denial. The next generation are looking to us and we have a duty to act."