Richard Howard, our candidate for Mayor, shares his vision for Croydon

12 Apr 2022
Richard Howard and Gill Hickson

Richard is campaigning for better housing, improved local accountability and improved transport links.


Croydon is facing a housing crisis on many levels. Not only has our council housing been shamed on national TV for the “worst conditions ever seen”; people continue to struggle finding affordable housing whilst developers focus on maximising profits as opposed to delivering the properties our communities really need. Therefore, as mayor I would:

  • On Day 1, establish a dedicated task force to address the underlying issues with our council housing, ensuring all tenants can live in the dignity they deserve.
  • Incentivise developers to build the housing we need by halving the number of dwellings that can be built on a site (from 10 to 5) before affordable housing must be provided.
  • Make housing truly affordable by defining it in terms of neighbourhood incomes as opposed to a percentage of market value.

Accountability & Local Democracy

Croydon Council has suffered from poor accountability leading to two Reports in the Public Interest being issued in less than two years. This is due to both over-centralisation and a lack of scrutiny leaving local communities feeling disillusioned, detached and disenfranchised.

Therefore, as mayor I would:

  • Bring in forensic accountants to investigate the causes of both the Section 114 Notice and potentially unlawful handling of the Fairfield Halls renovation.
  • Promote and assist the formation of town and parish councils, allowing local communities a direct role in determining what services and facilities should be provided. Where established, devolve 50% of Community Infrastructure Levy to these bodies to provide additional funding.
  • Bring Croydon Council to its residents by creating ‘Access Hubs’ across the borough in libraries and other facilities.

Transport & Economy

Croydon is served with great transport links, however these seem to be focussed on taking people out of Croydon as opposed to bringing people in and together. Therefore, as mayor I would:

  • Lobby TfL for the restoration of bus routes to re-connect the borough, negating the need to change buses in Croydon town centre.
  • Develop a strategy to use the transport links to enhance our economy, attracting footfall for new retail, entertainment and employment opportunities.

Richard says:

"Croydon has been home for my family since 2014 and I have developed a strong sense of affection and pride in my town. However, I strongly believe that it deserves better than the mismanagement and maladministration it has suffered under both Labour and Conservative control. That is why I am standing to be Croydon’s first directly elected mayor."