Council tax bombshell

10 Apr 2023
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Croydon's Conservative Mayor and 33 councillors have voted for the biggest Council Tax rise in Britain - a massive 15% increase.

The rise was agreed a week after the Mayor's initial budget was rejected by opposition councillors. However at the second Budget meeting, Labour councillors abstained, despite promising to vote against the 15% rise and the Budget was passed.

Lib Dem Cllr Claire Bonham kept her promise to residents and voted against the huge increase.

Coulsdon campaigner Gill Hickson said: "I am so angry that Croydon residents are paying for the mistakes of others. Hundreds of residents attended the demonstration outside the Town Hall when the Mayor tried to push through his initial budget. He says he is listening but that couldn't be further from the truth!"

John Jefkins added: "Whilst Labour councillors abstained, I am proud that Croydon's Liberal Democrat councillor voted against this unfair tax rise. Both Labour & the Tories made 20 years of mistakes to destroy our borough's finances. That’s why we need our fresh scrutiny - independent Lib Dem eyes - to replace 'yes men' and stop yet more of these costly mistakes."