Photo competition

We want your best pictures of Croydon

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and they are really helpful in getting our messages across in leaflets, on the website and on social media. To help with our campaign work, we would like to put together a library of our members' snaps featuring a great variety of pictures of Croydon's neighbourhoods and council services being delivered, ready to be used.

So, we would like to try a little competition. Our hope is that it will help us put together a great collection of images for use when campaigning, and be a little bit fun too. Everybody is welcome to enter - whether you've got a flair for photography, or like me you have a couple of pictures on your camera roll where you just got lucky!

We would particularly like photos on the following themes:

  • Croydon's neighbourhoods (landmarks, high streets, etc.)
  • Social care, health and justice
  • Education and libraries
  • Tolerance, diversity and community
  • Housing, transport, waste and new developments
  • Emergency services, licensing and enforcement
  • Local business
  • Arts, tourism, leisure and parks

The photograph(s) would need to be your own work and you would need to confirm that you are happy for us to use them to illustrate leaflets, the website and other campaign materials. They also need to be suitable for us to use in our campaigning, so for instance if there are individual people who are subjects within the picture, we would also need you to confirm that they are happy for their image to be used in this way. You can submit as many photos as you like. Please indicate if you would like us to credit you when we use an image.

The compeitition winner will receive a small prize, probably book-shaped, and I will endeavour to find a way to display some of the best entries at a future members event too to show-off everybody's good work. Please email your entries to [email protected] along with confirmation that you and any subjects of the photo are happy for it to be used in campaign materials. Please get your entries in by 30 November. Happy snapping!

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