Lib Dems to give gig workers 20% increase to minimum wage and greater protections

Young people heads

A Liberal Democrats Government would increase the minimum wage by 20 per cent for zero-hour contract employees and introduce a raft of policies to create a working environment that protects employees.

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Lib Dems will expand vital 'Blue Belt' network

Wind farm

The Liberal Democrats have announced that they would expand the 'Blue Belt' of Marine Protected areas to cover at least 50% of the UK's territorial waters, including overseas territories, by 2030. 

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Umunna: 17 days to stop the UK becoming Trump’s poodle

Soldiers shooting

  • If the UK leaves the EU under Johnson’s leadership we will become more reliant on Trump, and risk becoming a vassal state of the United States.
  • Johnson is part of a network of populist, right-wing, authoritarian nationalists
  • In order to stop Boris Johnson getting a majority, seats need to be taken from the Tories which the Lib Dems are best placed to do
  • Ahead of the NATO Summit the Liberal Democrats are committing to spend extra money on defence and aid. 
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EU staff at Johnson's local NHS trust feel "anxiety" over Brexit

Concerned nurse

The Liberal Democrats have warned that Boris Johnson is putting the NHS at risk in his own backyard, after internal documents reveal that NHS staff from the EU at Johnson's local hospital trust feel "anxiety" over Brexit.

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Lib Dems to invest 7 billion to save our schools

School pupils

The Liberal Democrats have today announced an extra £7 billion over five years from the Party's infrastructure budget for new school buildings and repairs to keep up with rising pupil numbers. 

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Lib Dems: Creative subjects are at the heart of plans to build a brighter future

Secondary school kids

Liberal Democrats will put creative subjects back at the heart of the school curriculum as part of their plans to build a brighter future.

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Lib Dems to build homes for brighter future

Housing in countryside

A Liberal Democrat government will tackle the housing crisis by ensuring that 300,000 new homes are built per year, including 100,000 social homes for rent. 

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Liberal Democrats Launch 2019 Election Manifesto

Launch General Election 2019

The Liberal Democrats will today launch their 2019 General Election Manifesto, outlining a clear plan to build a brighter future for people and the planet. The first step will be to stop Brexit and use a £50 billion Remain Bonus to invest in public services and tackling inequality.

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Lib Dems: £10 billion for schools and 20,000 more teachers is an investment in our children’s future

Classroom pupils

Today (Wednesday 20 November) the Liberal Democrats will announce plans to spend £10 billion more a year on schools and hire 20,000 more teachers by the end of the next Parliament. This comes ahead of the Liberal Democrat manifesto launch later today.

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Lib Dems will invest £35 billion and stop Brexit to protect NHS

Concerned nurse

The Liberal Democrats have today (19/11/2019) set out their plans to protect the NHS, by stopping Brexit and investing an extra £35 billion in the health service and social care over the next five years.

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