Even Sadiq Khan doesn’t know where Labour stand on Brexit – Farron


Responding to the Mayor’s interview in the New Statesman today in which he stated that people did not know what Labour’s position on Brexit was, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

“Sadiq has admitted what has been abundantly clear. Labour voted with the Conservatives for a hard Brexit, out of the single market, and to deny the people a say on the final deal.

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Liberal Democrats plan to save our NHS

The Tories are cutting our NHS, plunging it into crisis. Labour is too busy fighting amongst themselves to save the NHS. Our first election manifesto pledge is to save our NHS by raising the funding it desperately needs – £6 billion a year for our NHS and social care system.


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Only the Lib Dems will give people a referendum on the final Brexit deal

Nick Clegg looks at how the economy has suffered since the Brexit vote, and the effect on public services. While the Tories cave in to pressure from the Brexit press and their right wing, Labour fail to offer opposition. Only the Lib Dems will give people a say.

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Liberal Democrats demand the government publish report - and High Court agrees

Just days after the Liberal Democrats demanded the government publish a highly embarrassing report on air pollution before the election, the High Court has ruled that it must be published within two weeks - and that the secretary of state, Andrea Leadsom is in breach of a court order.

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Liberal Democrats commit to ending rough sleeping in Britain

The Liberal Democrats have committed to ending the scandal of rough sleeping in Britain. On Thursday, Tim Farron announced a series of measures the party would like to put in place including putting long-term homeless people straight into independent homes rather than emergency shelters.

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PAC report shows lives at risk by delayed emergency services communications plan

Planned changes by the Home Office to emergency service communications are set to strike a "potentially catastrophic blow" to the ability of the police, fire and ambulance services to keep citizens safe, according to a damning report by the Public Accounts Committee.

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Lib Dems: Number of patients on mixed-sex wards triples in two years in "major embarassment" for Hunt

The Conservatives have been challenged over whether they will again include a manifesto commitment to eliminate mixed-sex wards in hospitals, as new figures reveal the number of patients forced onto mixed-sex wards has almost tripled in the last two years.

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