Conservatives back the opening of new coal mine in UK and 50 years of coal extraction


The Conservatives have allowed the opening of a new coal mine in England and fifty years of coal extraction.

Approval of the site in Cumbria is a 'kick in the teeth' for efforts to deal with the Climate Crisis, said Cumbria Lib Dem MP Tim Farron who has long campaigned against the move.

It comes just days after the government tried to shore up its green credentials ahead of the coming general election by suspending fracking. By supporting the opening of a new coal mine, however, the Conservative Party have shown this announcement to simply be a cynical election ploy. The Conservative leadership simply have not grasped the scale of the climate crisis, and are unwilling to steer the country towards investment in the clean energy sources that are going to keep us competitive and power our homes when the coal is gone, and that tackle the urgent climate change and air quality issues facing us all.

Responding to the news, Anna Jones the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Croydon South said: 'We all know the fracking suspension is another cynical Tory story timed for the start of the election campaign.  The Liberal Democrats would ban fracking and instead invest in renewable energy. We can create better jobs by supporting investment in cutting-edge technologies, off-shore and tidal, not greenhouse emitting coal mines or earthquake causing fracking.  We cannot trust the Conservatives.'

The Liberal Democrats will crack down on air pollution and invest in renewable energy, creating green jobs across the UK. This is a global emergency. We will work in the EU to lead on this emergency and protect our planet. Find out more about the Lib Dem plan for our environment. 

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