Make a Donation

In anticipation of a possible snap general election, Claire Bonham, Simon Sprague and Anna Jones have been selected as Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the three Croydon constituencies.

Fighting general elections requires funding, and we are aiming to build a general election fund to allow us to reach local residents across the constituencies.

To give some examples of how far your donation could go...

£25 could help us to boost our social media campaign

£40 could fund 1,000 leaflets to inform local residents about the key issues we care about

£50 could fund 20 hard-wearing poster boards to be displayed in front gardens

£100 could fund 1,000 letters personally addressed to key voters

£500 could fund personally addressed letters to cover a whole ward within a constituency

£800 could fund an election address sent out to voters across a constituency

£2,000 could fund a leaflet printed and delivered across a whole constituency

Any donations, however large or small, would be much appreciated - can you help by donating to our fund?