Make a Donation

Claire Bonham, Simon Sprague and Anna Jones are the three parliamentary spokespeople for the three Croydon constituencies. Even though the next general election may be a way off, the Mayoral election in 2021 and local elections in 2022 will soon be upon us - so we're once again calling for donations to support our campaigning.

Fighting elections requires funding, and we are aiming to build a election fighting fund to allow us to reach local residents across the constituencies.

We are particularly keen for people to set up a regular monthly donation using the form here

To give some examples of how far your donation could go...

£10 could help us to boost our social media campaign

£40 could fund 1,000 leaflets to inform local residents about the key issues we care about

£50 could fund 20 hard-wearing poster boards to be displayed in front gardens

£100 could fund 1,000 letters personally addressed to key voters

£500 could fund personally addressed letters to cover a whole ward within a constituency

Any donations, however large or small, would be much appreciated - can you help by donating to our fund?