Demanding better schools

Under the Conservatives, children's chances are now too often determined by household income. Now it seems that 'Pupil Premium' funding introduced by the Liberal Democrats for schools that teach the most disadvantaged children is under threat from Universal Credit.

When in Government, the Liberal Democrats successfully pressed the Conservative party to introduce a Pupil Premium that boosted funding for schools that were teaching children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2015, this amounted to nearly £1000 of additional funding for each child from a disadvantaged background in a secondary school, and £1320 for those in primary schools [1].

Schools have been able to use this funding to hire additional teaching assistants, run 'catch-up' classes and breakfast clubs as well as to help fund educational trips and classroom equipment.

As part of the rollout of Universal Credit, however, the Conservative Party have now moved the goalposts and many schools teaching children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds will begin losing out on this critical source of funding [2].

The Liberal Democrats are demanding better for our schools - watch our plan in the video below.





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