Croydon bus cuts will cut people off from their station, the shops and hospital appointments

London buses - vital for connecting Croydon

It's clear that the proposed bus cuts in Croydon town centre will have a significant impact on travel in our borough.

We've heard stories from people across the borough and beyond of how these bus cuts will take away vital direct bus links to the shops, the railway station and hospital appointments.

We are concerned that the proposed cuts will make journeys harder by adding to waiting times and forcing passengers to change buses, which is an especially significant concern for those who already find it difficult to get about.

These cuts also risk taking footfall away from shops in the town centre and could lead to a spiral of decline in the capital's bus services - a disaster if we are serious about tackling climate change and traffic congestion.

The Liberal Democrats are campaigning to protect these vital services. You can help our campaign by signing our petition to Transport for London


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