Gill Hickson - Croydon Central


About Me

I was born in South Croydon, attended Shirley High School and live in Coulsdon. I'm married with one daughter and two grand children. I've had several jobs, the last one as a Finance Manager in Croydon.

Volunteering in your community


I volunteer locally where I'm chair of Friends of Marlpit Lane Bowling Green and Vice Chair of East Coulsdon Residents Assoc.

As a Friend of Grange Park, I helped raise £100k last year to replace play equipment.

I'm also a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and do conservation work on Farthing Downs. I also spent a year volunteering with Oasis Academy in Coulsdon.

Remaining in the EU

I'm a passionate Remainer and very disappointed at the result of a reckless referendum.

There is now a worry of the impact on local jobs and businesses and the threat to local services as Government cuts impact on NHS, Schools and Police numbers.

If EU workers residency isn't secured this will also have a dramatic affect on NHS and other essential services.

Local campaigning

Coming from social housing, I'm passionate about housing and blame the lack of house building over many years for causing the current crisis. Social housing has been and continues to be neglected by Croydon Council.

I'm disgusted at the fiasco of Fairfield Halls being neglected and closed while a £30 million refurbishment is done. Meanwhile the Tory Council spent £140 miliion on new council offices.

I've supported campaigns to improve the Southern Train Service, secure all day services at Purley Hospital and lobbied planning decisions taken by Croydon Council.

Working for Croydon

I'm passionate about Croydon and feel blessed to live in such a lively, diverse town.

I would love the opportunity to represent the interests of all Croydon Central's residents and businesses. I want to help everyone who lives and works here feel part of the Croydon community.

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I welcome your views; you can get in touch with me by email