Anna Jones - Croydon South


_MG_6241_anna.pngAbout me

I work in Wallington as an HR director of a successful travel company, having previously set up a leadership and training business.


I've been involved in politics for many years.

Having been frustrated with the performance of my local councillors in Epsom, I decided to do something myself to make my town a better place to live. I was elected to the council in two elections and stood down after eight years following my move to Kenley in 2013.

I was an active member of the planning committee where I was very vocal, making sure that developers were not given permission to build without agreeing to pay a fair amount towards social housing. Working with all parties, my collaborative and assertive approach meant that even though in opposition, me and my colleagues were able to put Liberal Democrat ideas into action.

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Now my daughter is older I've embarked on a Masters degree at Kingston University in Business Psychology.

In my spare time, I enjoy gardening and listening to records from my collection – my first Saturday job was on the record bar at Woolies and the love of vinyl hasn’t gone away!


I welcome your views; you can get in touch with me by email